Our History


Family Owned and Operated Since 1913

The year was 1913.  Milk cost $.32 a gallon and eggs were $.34 a dozen.  Peppermint Life Savers and Brillo Pads were new introductions.  Woodrow Wilson took office as President and he held the first ever press conference.  Standard Oil established America’s first gas station in Cincinnati.  Meanwhile, M.T. Sanders opened his original furniture store in downtown Commerce.

A century later, Sanders Furniture is still open for business and still belongs to the grandchildren of the founder, M.T. Sanders.  With locations in Commerce, Winder, and Elberton, Sanders Furniture is celebrating over 100 years in business.

Times have changed since 1913.  Postage stamps and newspapers were $.02 back then.  Sugar was $.30 for a 5 lb. bag and coffee was $.15 a pound.  Some things have not changed at Sanders.  We still offer quality home furnishings and dependable service.  Our stores take pride in being locally owned and operated.  We work hard to bring our customers a great selection of furniture at the best prices around.


The little boy sitting on the floor (far left) is the current owner of the

family business, David Sanders.